ANNISAA is important. There are half a million Muslim women and girls in Canada today, a number expected to double by 2030. Consequently, the need for more Muslim women and girls to advance and to take the helm is paramount. Furthermore, leadership diversity is a competitive advantage. Studies have shown the organizations that have a good track record of promoting women’s advancement are more profitable.

As Muslim women, there is tremendous power in joining together. Not only do we benefit from shared experiences but together we can have a massive impact on our children, our families, our workplaces, our economy, and our planet. I want to see more Muslim women in leadership positions because I believe it would make the world a better place: with a more sustainable approach to business, community & beyond.

Nadia Sayeh, ANNISAA Founder

There are a few Muslim women organizations doing great work in Canada, and we are often asked about what makes us different.

The ANNISAA Organization of Canada is the only Muslim women and girls non-profit in Canada solely focused on bringing Muslim women together to advance Muslim women and girls in leadership roles and empower the next generation. Advancing Muslim women and girls in leadership is what we are passionate about. It is why we are here.

Leadership Development

ANNISAA is committed to bringing the best leadership development experience to Muslim women at all stages of their careers from students and early stage employment to career veterans and employers.  We create a unique, supportive environment to facilitate authentic leadership.

Our Backgrounds Diverse, Our Connections are Deeper

Muslim Women in our community are from diverse industries and backgrounds, so networking is exceptional with cross-pollination of ideas and sharing. Our connections are deeper because Muslim women get involved share a common purpose – to help create positive change in the future of Muslim women’s leadership in Canada and around the world.

Employee Engagement

Many companies now have women’s leadership networks and are looking for ways to engage their employees. ANNISAA offers great ways for employees to participate, mentor, and volunteer all the while developing leadership skills.  We provide learning platforms to build the core skills and confidence that Muslim women need for transformational growth and success in the workplace.

Why partner with ANNISAA?

ANNISAA helps hundreds of Muslim women each year and offers multiple ways for companies to get involved. We engage employees, build leadership skills, offer speaking opportunities, and provide marketing support. Our community offers access to new customers and a sought-after demographic.

Why volunteer/mentor with ANNISAA?

ANNISAA enables Muslim women who have reached certain echelons of success the opportunity to give back by mentoring and developing young leaders. As well, it creates an avenue for young leaders to be mentored.

Each of us has the power to make a difference.  ANNISAA is about working together to get there.