Be Innovative and Inclusive

Our programs promote positive personal and professional growth, innovation, and inclusivity by addressing the most important and relevant issues faced by Muslim women and young girls

To Be a Leader and The Change

We nurture the leadership of Muslim women and young girls by providing and/or expanding access to resources, networks, mentors, and opportunities to build new skills

To Be A Catalyst

Our work inspires healthy development and new connections in the lives of Muslim women,
young girls, and communities

Our Mission



When you educate a man, you educate a person; When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

ANNISAA is a Muslim women’s empowerment organization providing a significant benefit to the Muslim community by empowering Muslim women, youth, and girls to address the challenges of integration and self-empowerment effectively. Aiming to serve ALL women, ANNISAA provides educational, social and professional development through workshops, events, networking, mentorship program, mutual support, and advocate for the importance of leadership in the community.

Have you ever wondered, how far can I go? It’s a question many in our ANNISAA Community have asked themselves. Some have experienced the roadblocks inherent in a system that’s not set up for women to succeed. Others have met challenges finding someone that they can both look up to, and relate to. Everyone is dreaming of a brighter future — for themselves, and all women. 

And while what we do can play a big role in fixing the system, our immediate purpose and goal is to empower you to advance your own career — by creating a community that provides the inspiration, insights, and connections you need to meet your potential.





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