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  • BringingDiversity_CLToronto

    #BridgingDiversity | March 15 Newsletter

    About #BridgingDiversity: This is a collection of resources, events and learning opportunities to help deepen our understanding of issues around diversity, equity and inclusion. By learning and un-learning together we can foster inclusion in our community support settings. Have a resource or event to share? Send it to ilaneet   

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  • GrassrootsGrowth Banner

    How Can Grassroots Organizations Get the Most from Their Volunteers?

    Submitted by Nimira Lalani, Researcher/ Educator Volunteer Toronto- Grassroots Growth Project Volunteer Toronto welcomes you to attend the Grassroots Growth Project -“ a series of tailored workshops, resources and mentoring aimed at building capacity amongst volunteer-run organizations in Ontario to better manage volunteers. Being able to manage volunteers effectively is a

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  • Nadia Sayeh, Nicole Mason, and Hafsah Hassan

    International Development and Relief Foundation Canada Day Iftaar

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