Our Mission


When you educate a man, you educate a person; When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

ANNISAA is a women’s empowerment organization promoting the livelihoods of Muslim women through educational enrichment, healthy living, and social development. We envision a society where Muslim women see their true potential as socioeconomic and cultural leaders at the forefront of the community. We also envision and are focused on bringing Muslim women together to advance Muslim women in leadership roles and empower the next generation.  Our unique approach, applied to both the ANNISAA model and the work of ANNISAA, is based upon three overarching principles.


Popular education is a model that begins with an individual’s personal experience and moves towards collective action. Contrary to traditional hierarchal education where experts hold the knowledge, this model is grounded in the belief that everyone is an expert, and argues that learning is not a top-down process. In validating experiential knowledge, popular education actively engages and empowers the individual in moving towards collective change. The ANNISAA approach favours grassroots and critical educational approaches designed to recognize Muslim women’s knowledge and invites Muslim women to be experts in their own lives.


We believe that individual and/or collective social action can lead to social change, which has the potential to create a socially just world. Our approach to social justice is context-specific: it develops and advocates for alternatives grounded in Muslim women’s realities. In working towards social development, the ANNISAA approach promotes transformative change directed towards altering existing social structures and frameworks. Social action and change are achieved through the sharing of similar and diverse experiences, demystifying issues through education, encouraging and supporting action-oriented living strategies and critical thinking skills.


The ANNISAA approach is continuously shaped by Muslim women’s input and feedback. A fluid spiral of learning, reflecting, researching, doing and evaluating informs this work on both organizational and programming levels. We are committed to remaining adaptable and relevant to the changing realities of Muslim girls’ and young women’s lives.

Join us for our Mission

To Be Innovative and Inclusive

Our programs address the most important and relevant issues facing Muslim women. We reach Muslim women across GTA who need our attention most.

To Be the Leader and the Change

We nurture the leadership of Muslim women by providing access to resources, networks, mentors, and opportunities to build new skills. We encourage the understanding and elimination of barriers, including poverty, racism and violence.

To Be the Catalyst

Our work inspires action in the lives of Muslim women and communities.

Our Team

Nadia Sayeh

My name is Nadia Sayeh and I am the Chairwoman and Founder of ANNISAA. I have…

Faiza Bari

Faiza has a background in Finance and currently working for one of the top financial institutions in Canada. Leadership and women empowerment interest her and hopes to contribute to…

Violeta Magureanu

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Are you an energetic volunteer with experience in governance? ANNISAA Organization of Canada is currently looking for qualified candidates to assume positions on its Board of Directors.

To apply for a position in the ANNISAA’s Board of Directors please send your complete application, a brief bio (maximum 125 words), resume, and a current high-resolution color photograph to Nadia Sayeh, Chairwoman (info@annisaa.org). All applications or nominations will be passed to the present board for review.

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