Women’s Health Conference 2017

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Theme: Healthy Women. Healthy Communities. Arise and Revive

Program: http://annisaa.org/womens-health-conference/program/

Ticket Information: 

  • Adult Admission (age 11+) $10.00 before August 6th
  • Group (10) Adult Admission $80.00 before August 6th
  • Child Admission (4-11 years of age inclusive) $5.00 before Aug 6th
  • Group (10) Child Admission (4-11 years of age inclusive) $30 before August 6th

For online registration, outlet locations please visit http://annisaa.org/womens-health-conference/attend/

For speakers’ list: http://annisaa.org/womens-health-conference/program/speakers/

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