Anchor Wellbeing Healthcare services Website: https://anchorwellbeing.ca/ Facebook: @anchorwellbeing.ca Instagram: @anchorwellbeing Twitter: @Anch0rWellbeing Email: info@anchorwellbeing.ca
ANNISAA Organization of Canada Non-Profit: A Muslim women’s empowerment organization promoting the livelihoods of Muslim women through educational enrichment, healthy living, and social development.  Website: http://annisaa.org/ Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @annisaaorg Email: info@annisaa.org
Arbonne Arbonne anti-aging skincare, cosmetics, nutrition supplements, sports snacks & drinks  www.fareedahlila.arbonne.com
Attar Canada – Natural Essential Oil Offering our experience and expertise in providing you with pure and natural oils and supplies. Website: http://attarcanada.com/ Facebook/Instagram: @attarcanada Email: info@attarcanada.com
D’KIR Designers Fashion
Henna Tah2 by Marfua M Professional Henna artist, use only organic cones. Available for bridal Henna, events, and private appointments. Also, provide and sell decorative candle platters. Facebook: @henna.tah2 Instagram: @henna.ta2 Phone: 647-929-2853 OR Email: marfua.mashqur@gmail.com
Mommy Monitor At Mommy Monitor our mission is to meet all mothers at their INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and to provide solutions for a SAFE and HAPPY pregnancy. We trust that when we help mothers’ REDUCE STRESS, by providing culturally sensitive care AND EDUCATION during their pregnancy. In doing so we can REDUCE HEALTH ISSUES and help KEEP BABIES AND MOTHERS healthy. We are committed to being the WORLD’S BEST PATIENT-CENTERED AND CULTURALLY COMPETENT INTEGRATED MATERNAL HEALTH CARE APP and IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF MOTHERS, one pregnancy at a time. Centre for Social Innovation 215 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2C7 Phone: 647-239-0963 Email: info@mommymonitor.ca Website: http://www.mommymonitor.ca/ Facebook: @MommyMonitor Instagram/Twitter: @mommy_monitor #maternalmonitor
MY Voice Canada A non-profit magazine for teens – run, design, and written all by high schoolers! MY Voice is FOR THE YOUTH, BY THE YOUTH. Website: http://myvoicecanada.com Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @myvoicecanada Email: info@myvoicecanada.com
Scentsy with Nicole Home and personal fragrance products

• Stylish Warmers + scented wax • Essential oil diffusers + all-natural oils • Scented cleaning + laundry products • Bath + skincare products for the whole family

Website: https://nicoled4me2.scentsy.ca/ Facebook: @nicoled4me2 Email: nicoled4me2@gmail.com
Women’s Health In Women’s Hands CHC Women’s Health In Women’s Hands is a Community Health Centre for racialized women living in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.   Our primary health care team of highly skilled healthcare professionals specialize in the health and wellness needs of racialized women and prioritizes those from African, Caribbean, Latin American and South Asian communities. Our services are fully accessible and designed to address the barriers that prevent women from being in excellent health.  2 Carlton Street, Suite 500 Toronto, ON M5B 1J3 General Inquiries: 416-593-7655 General Fax: 416-593-5867 E-mail: info@whiwh.com Clinical Services: 416-593-7655, Ext. 7 Clinical Services Fax: 416-848-6265 Website: http://www.whiwh.com/ Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @whiwhchc