OUR THEME – Healthy Women. Healthy Communities.


This year, our hope is to better Educate, Energize, Embrace and Empower the women around us. We laugh with them, we go to them for advice – we all know women who inspire us, who better the lives of others, and who are committed to a Healthy Lifestyle. #CultivatingWellness

Who We Are?

Women’s Health Conference is organized by ANNISAA Organization of Canada, a Muslim women’s empowerment organization providing a significant benefit to the Muslim community by empowering Muslim women and girls to effectively address the challenges of integration and self-empowerment through educational enrichment, healthy living, and social development, aiming to serve women of all faiths, race, origins, ethnicities, and abilities.

What Do We do?

The Conference is aiming to address issues regarding the health and well-being of women. Out of everything that makes a woman a woman, the most important is her physiology. The unique gifts associated with being a woman, regardless of whether they are socialized or biological, include being strong enough to bear children, stable enough to balance a dozen roles at once, and nurturing enough to build a strong, healthy community.

Why We Do It?

Women’s health is very important in all aspects of social, economic, and other aspects of the society because not only because women form more than 50 percent of the population but also for the development of the country. Experts suggest that worldwide financial and fundamental commitment to women’s health is needed in order to tackle existing issues.

Women’s health is increasingly identified as a global health priority. Women’s health is affected by many factors, such as the economy, environment, society, culture, religion, and biology. For this reason, ANNISAA Organization of Canada decided to hold an Annual Conference on Women’s Health. The aim of this conference is to provide up-to-date information on different aspects of women’s health, including healthy ageing, non-communicable and communicable diseases, psycho-social aspects, health promotion, reproductive health, and nutrition. Finally, the attending specialists and experts will provide recommendations to be put into practice which reinforced the recommendations for additional clinical preventive services for women, mobilizing health professionals within practice, education, and research to address the national health goals, encouraging the adoption of ongoing evidence-based prevention guidelines, gender-sensitive, and culturally appropriate, persuading all stakeholders to harmonize their endeavours on women’s health, changing the viewpoint to the women as a workforce alliance as with like men, along with considering the major role of women as the basis of the family, and improving the coverage, accessibility, and quality of women-oriented health services.

Much of what holds women back in today’s society is the lack of understanding regarding women’s issues in the health department. The purpose of the conference is to remind women that they are not the dregs of “a man’s world”, but leaders and achievers. Our team of dedicated, empowered volunteers, all women, have helped to create an event to raise awareness about women’s issues in health because, of course, they need it most. While women live longer than men do, they spend a larger part of their lives being weighed down by illness, and are thus unable to meet their full potential. Our aim is to create an uplifting, enlightening experience for our female guests, to empower them to take hold of their own well-being, both mental and physical, and to teach these women ways that they can get started on promoting their own health or continue with it.