A partnership means a formal agreement between two or more parties that have agreed to work together in the pursuit of common goals.

Conditions for success

  • Create a bond of trust and demonstrate openness
  • Work as a team, for consensus and consultation
  • Respect the organizational mission of each partner
  • Respect the expectations and limits of each partner
  • Share power, risks, and responsibilities
  • Invest jointly in resources
  • Encourage commitment and permanency from the stakeholders

ANNISAA is working towards developing a variety of partnerships with several organizations. At the present time, we have developed strong partnerships with organizations’ across Ontario (ANNISAA Liaison Network) and will continue to build that foundation.

We will continue to make stronger connections with groups such as the Federation of Muslim Women (FMW), Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW), York Region Women’s Foundation (YRWF), Canadian Small Business Women (CSBW) etc.