Fostering growth opportunities and practical experience for students

ANNISAA Organization of Canada creates a welcoming environment for students and treats students as valued team members.  ANNISAA is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities to students to build community capacity, to provide them with experience to assist them in their studies and/or future employment opportunities, and to encourage learning within the organization.

A student is defined as an individual who is placed at ANNISAA via an agreement with an academic institution for a specific, fixed period of time.  The hours that a student is with the organization are to fulfill academic requirements towards a degree, diploma, or certification from the academic institution.  The student is placed with ANNISAA to gain experience, skills, and knowledge.  Typically, students are not compensated for this learning experience.

Student placement opportunities are generally available for the fall and winter terms of college and/or university.  Placement opportunities are limited, and prospective students need to go through a formal recruitment process facilitated by their academic institution in partnership with ANNISAA.  Placement opportunities are generally not available for the spring and summer terms.

All students will receive a general orientation on the mission, vision and values of the organization as well as relevant policies and procedures as part of their placement with ANNISAA. Students will also receive an orientation from the field instructor on the nature and purpose of the program or activity for which they are recruited and the purposes and requirements of the position which they have accepted.

Current student placement opportunities will be posted here as they become available.


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