In addition to our on-going national and local programs, ANNISAA Organization of Canada works on Special Projects that reflect the needs and interests of specific communities. Each project is organized in collaboration with a group or a community organization.

ANNISAA Advancement Center

The Center was created when it was noticed that the community was in need of a place that provided programs, services, and resources. After several years of actively fundraising, holding events, and raising awareness, we are close to reaching our goal of raising enough funds to open the Center in Toronto!

The soon-to-be-open Center will provide open meeting space for community members, groups, and other nonprofits, in addition to a variety of programming and a youth drop-in Center. Our goal is to provide a space that can be utilized by all and become the hub of our community.

Funds donated to ANNISAA Center will go to support a variety of programming put on by the center for our community members.