Need a platform?

We want to shine a spotlight on as many extraordinary Muslim women as we can. So if you have a great story or some expertise to share, we have a big, diverse community that we’d like to introduce you to. Check out the opportunities detailed below — which include both articles and speaking — and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.



a Role

If you are looking to share a bit about who you are and some of the gems of wisdom you’ve learned on your journey to success, our Meet a Role Model column may be a fit for you.

We’ll send questions over email, which you can respond to with a few words or a few sentences — so you don’t have to be an expert writer. The article also opens with a short bio to introduce who you are and what is unique about you. This is strictly editorial, so there’s no opportunity for promotional messages, but it’s a great way to get your name out there and at no cost.



Our Expert Advice section offers an opportunity for subject matter experts and qualified leaders to provide actionable advice on a specific topic relevant for our audience of professional Muslim women.

Expert Advice articles are based on the accumulated experience of a career (I’m an expert, this is my advice…). If the story revolves more around a personal experience (I went through this, and learned…), it could be a great fit for a Lessons Learned format. We also have opportunities for shorter pieces dispensing advice in our Good Question and Five Minutes With columns. These are all strictly editorial, so we’ll ask you to revise anything that is too promotional — but your name will appear in the byline, and at the end of the article we include a bio, with image, that can have links to your website or contact information.


Reach out by email with the following items to apply to become a speaker: a bit about yourself and the topics you speak on; a speaker bio and references; a speaker reel and videos. Once the information is received, we will keep it on file for any future opportunities. Due to a very high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to all submissions.