The Neighborhood Beautification Project


The objective of the business plan is to develop a Neighborhood Beautification Program for ANNISAA Organization of Canada, an existing non-profit organization which mission is based on empowering women and communities to generate positive change within and facilitate a cleaner and healthier environment.


The neighborhoods in North and East York is in need of a beautification of the neighborhood program through cleaning the parks, streets and inhabited surrounding areas; raising awareness about the social, economic and environmental consequences of waste. Educating the benefits of cleanliness; raising the eco-feminism movement among female to protect “mother nature” for current and future generations.


The solution is providing educational programs and workshops where the organization and its partners can educate the community about the proper disposal and waste management system.

The second element is the awareness campaign, which will consist of partnering with different government agencies at all levels to provide proper signage and communication material that reinforce the learning taught in the workshops.

The third element is taking action, organizing events where the community is interested in actively participating and collaborating in cleaning the public spaces.