ANNISAA provides spaces for women to speak out, build skills, and create action on issues that are important and real to them. Our local women’s programs address social development, health promotion, media literacy and leadership. Our national leadership program offers long-term investment and support to women who are changemakers in their communities.

“To me, leadership means making a difference in others’ lives and challenging myself to always do what is right for me.” – workshop participant


We provide our National Network Members with publications, resources and practical support. Our programs include: coaching, training and networking opportunities that help develop community initiatives and women’s programs. Our National Network fosters learning, connections and collaborations that inform and direct our work.

My connection with ANNISAA helps keep me ‘in the loop’ and motivated around my work. It also helps me see the bigger picture of what I’m doing with my women’s program and imagine the long-term goal of what we’re collectively working towards – empowered girls.” – workshop facilitator and participant

“Dear Nadia and all the wonderful ANNISAA volunteers: Thank you so much for including us in the Sunday’s World Hijab Day celebration. We had such a positive experience and were able to have many meaningful conversations with mothers inquiring about services in the Scarborough area. Reaching out to communities and caregivers form diverse faiths and cultural backgrounds is one of our key priorities, and we welcome any future opportunities for cooperation. inshaAllah, have a wonderful week.” – Ilaneet Goren (Diversity Specialist, Community Living Toronto