Welcome to ANNISAA Organization of Canada

ANNISAA Organization of Canada was founded as a startup in 2012 by three women with an entrepreneurial spirit. We had no funding and no limitations.

Accessible to everyone, ANNISAA encouraged Muslim women to discover their power and create positive change in their lives and communities.

Really listening to Muslim women was the cornerstone of our success. Women came out of their shells and got smart about topics like media, discrimination, health, wellbeing, violence prevention and body image.

Soon communities across Toronto were contacting us, eager to exchange. We realized that with so many people wanting to make a difference for Muslim women, an organization could create a ripple effect benefiting even more women.

ANNISAA’s story begins with ANNISAA’s Founder & Executive Director, Nadia Sayeh, a college graduate following her life’s passion, founding ANNISAA at the age of 31. For Nadia, ANNISAA was created because she saw more potential in Muslim women around her that they saw in themselves. She believed that featuring Muslim female role models and Muslim women’s success stories would inspire others and make a difference in the lives of the next generations. She felt that by doing so, we would see a ripple effect with more Muslim women in leadership roles.

ANNISAA creates inspirational programs that bring Muslim women and girls together in developing their leadership skills. Something very special happens when we join together through a supportive group that gives back to help others achieve success. And that is when we all succeed in women’s advancement. Nadia Sayeh

Since 2012, the ANNISAA Organization of Canada has grown from 3 to over 1600 members. ANNISAA has been a catalyst – seeding and training start-up women’ programs. Today, together with local partners, ANNISAA builds the skills and confidence of Muslim women and girls in our communities.