Become a Board Member

Annually, our Board of Directors recruits independent directors from the community.

The process varies from year to year based on the needs of the Board and the expiration of terms of its members.

In general, recruitment occurs in the late winter for nominations to occur at our AGM in March.

If you’re interested in putting your name forward as a candidate, please forward a resume and cover letter to

Board of Directors

Ada Tahir, MSc, CHRL, Chair
Mah Noor Khan, Treasurer
Dania TahirSecretary

Tanvir JanmohamedDirector

Honorary Board Members

Violeta Magureanu
Imane Tazi
Fatna Lagraini
Rita Haritun
Momina Afridi
Linsday Wolfson
Alison Scheuermann
Nicole Mason
Walliyah Sifat
Mishba Bholat
Mehnaaz Bholat
Reham Alahmadi