• Dimensions of Empowerment

    In measuring empowerment, often times the product of our mental activity in relation to retrieving such a concept yields promoting a sense of self-actualization, or the attempt at enabling oneself; be it in increasing educational, gender, economic, or the spiritual strength within societal institutions. Yet, little do individuals come to

  • ANNISAA Thanks Our Volunteers

    Last week was National Volunteer Week (April 6-12, 2014) and ANNISAA Organization of Canada wants to thank Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers who help us serve the people in our community. Our volunteers inspire hope through the support and encouragement they offer to ANNISAA in its greatest time of need. Our

  • Canada should empower girls to be agents of change

    As Canadian girls grow up, they’re told time and again that they can be whoever they want to be. The reality is far less ideal. A national report  released in March on the main issues facing girls in Canada shows that despite having more educational opportunities than ever, many girls still

  • Thank You to Our Volunteers

    A million thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers. ANNISAA Organization of Canada appreciates each and every one of you. We acknowledge the time and effort you put into our organization. Without the support of our volunteers, we would not be as successful as we are today. This is a

  • Create Some Buzz: Media Kit 101

    The media plays a big role in shaping and reflecting social messages and values. Learning how the media is constructed and how you can use the media is an important part of organizing and community action. Here are some tips and tricks on getting your message to the media and

  • National Volunteer Week 2012

    April 16 – April 20, 2012 is National Volunteer Week.  Thank you to all volunteers for your valuable time and contribution to the Muslim women in our community! For more information on volunteering with the ANNISAA Organization of Canada, please click here.

  • International Women’s Day 2012

    In celebration of International Women’s Day today, the ANNISAA family is holding a family friendly event on Saturday, March 10th. This will be a family event that is free to attend, and men and children are welcome. Come celebrate the International Women’s Day!  Saturday, March 10th Party Room @ 7 St. Dennis Drive, Toronto

  • Blogging Guidelines & Approval Process

    Thank you for submitting a blog post to the ANNISAA Organization of Canada! We appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing your insights with our friends and supporters. What We Are Seeking The ANNISAA is committed to amplifying a diverse range of voices from across Canada and will consider