Welcome to ANNISAA’s blog!

Over the last few years, we have noticed a shift in how our supporters are reaching out to us to learn more about the issues facing Muslim women in Canada. While previously, it was through workshops, events, and conversations, more and more, we are getting emails and requests for information that we can share online, can read that over morning coffee.

Our focus has always been on raising the voices of Muslim women in Canada, whether they be women with personal stories and experiences that they want to share; Muslim women working day-to-day in the issues of violence, poverty and empowerment; women whose generous donations are helping to fund programs across the GTA that are changing Ontario and women who are challenging the status quo with companies, friends and family to change Canada.

On this blog, we promise that you will hear from each of them. You will hear from Muslim women who have overcome stereotypes and have rebuilt their lives. You will hear from women who know what it takes to help a woman move out of poverty or empower a girl to believe that she is smart, strong and can achieve anything she wants. You will hear from Muslim women why they know that investing in women and girls is the way to change Canada and make it stronger and a place where Muslim women and girls have true equality. You will hear from women when someone does, says or shows something that is not okay and what you can do to help change Canada for Muslim women and girls. And of course, you will hear from staff at the ANNISAA as we talk about the programs we support, issues that impact Muslim women and girls in Canada and the stories generating the most attention in our Social Media Roundup.

And we want to hear from you. If you have an idea for a post that you think our readers would be interested in reading, let us know! Check out our submission guidelines for more information on how your voice can help raise awareness and raise your voice supporting Muslim women and girls in Canada.

We look forward to sharing with you!