ANNISAA Career Day 2016


This summer, ANNISAA Organization of Canada has organized its third National Career Day to help girls explore new career options, meet inspiring women leaders, increase their confidence, and expand their view of themselves and their futures!

ANNISAA Career Day is also an opportunity for women leaders in both traditional and non-traditional careers, who are passionate about their work, to provide intergenerational mentorship to girls in their communities.

I have been waiting for a space of our own, one where sisters who looked like me sat across from me and we shared our struggles and triumphs.”  – 2016 Career Day participant

Check our website to get more information on girls and career prospects, and to better understand why it’s important to have alternative career day events!

When took place?

The ANNISAA Career Day events took place from June 13th to 30th, 2016.

Who registered?

Schools, community organizations, and many girls’ group! ANNISAA organization of Canada has given unlimited support for all Career Day events for girls in our community.

Are you in? Where can you sign-up?

Fill out the application form here 

Interested, but never hosted a Career Day?

Worry not! We are working to publish a detailed step-by-step how-to guide that will help you in organizing an unforgettable career day in your school or community. 

For more information, you can contact Nadia Sayeh, Founder/Executive Director, at

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